MC Cleaning Services

MC Cleaning Services



What services we offer.....

We undertake all general aspects of Domestic and Commercial cleaning, here is what we can offer you help with

House Cleans

Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping, Bathroom, Wet rooms, Showers, Kitchens, Bed changing, Washing, Ironing

Deeper Cleans

Garage Services, Vacuuming, Sweeping if required

Interior windows, kitchen cupboards inside and out if required, Skirting boards and window frames

Please note we follow the Health and safety act 1974

so we are unable to work to above hand height or climb ladders, Extension poles are used for ceiling height cleaning

Commercial cleaning

We are happy to carry out Commercial cleaning, shops/offices/banks/ industrial units, these can be carried out on a regular package with us if required

Commercial cleaning will involve the cleaning of desks, emptying litter bins, sweeping and Vaccuming and cleaning any toilet areas